1) Project introduction

Hello, it is Oasiscider.

Shabby alleys .... I wanted to express the streets that have traces of time.

I made a lot of streets and interiors that seem to be in the movie.

Small apartments that often appear in shabby alleys and internal renovations, pawn shops, and criminals,

I made the scene of the incident.

Through the interiors of the buildings connected from the streets, the chase, criminals, and thriller waters have been created.

In addition, we have made it possible to use it as a scenic view of the outer city.

Many pre-explorations and shots over a long period of time to create a realistic background,

The process of converting the footage into an image source resulted in highly realistic details.

I hope it will be a good background for many writers.

Product composition is as follows.

-Shabby apartment: apartment exterior, hallway, stairs, apartment interior

-Shabby shopping mall: shopping mall exterior, corridor, staircase, heungsinso, pawnshop, restroom, closed restaurant, secret room

-Shabby streets: including outside streets, malls and outside of apartments

The set can also be purchased separately.

▶ Buy a shabby apartment

 Buy shabby shops

 Buy shabby streets

2) Project Content

* All the photos below only include the sky image in the default rendered image with shadows.

   (The sky image is not provided.)


Signs and trade names are used to replace a similar naming to explore the actual distance the two models has increased realism.

A roof covered shopping alley. I tried to work similarly to refer to the background of a movie guy.

I see a lot of tools to browse the mall.

Top sunshade pulls the central alley is turned into a layer.

Small apartment entrance alleyway.

I think the main character living in a difficult environment and has made. It can also be used as a crime scene.

This is necessary in the cul-de-sac alley. Euseukhan create a sense I could also be used.

Police lines were properly placed in the visible portion of need, such as alleys and doors.

Police line can turn off Turn the handle to the layer.

The chamber creates an image for size reference.

 The realistic to examine the actual commercial production was able to use all of the structures.

- Internal Structure

Processes, etc. Each of the walls, a roof layer enables a variety of produce.

A total of three-storey building from the entrance roof exits, all connected to a secret underground room, chases, scenes and hidden in

It can produce variety.

 The entire structure of the building in the back.

- Entrance hall

Stairway is connected to the roof.

Look at that exit connecting corridor. You can produce a getaway scene.

(I see a movie insider portions of a structure similar to the emergency stairs coming out.)

You have to pawn a detective agency located on the second floor.

- detective agency

The crime, susamul a detective agency can not fall.

Just been produced may just be used as a shabby office.

Is a cannon phone can not fall into a detective agency itneyo located on the desk.

Reminiscent of a scene that burned about to lose the other's mental state and has created even if the open night * Scotland.

Have I seen too many movies?


The shabby building toilets for your feelings. The bathroom also has created the strategy of choice for details.

- first floor restaurant waste

Which can be used in many places tangent, fighting lung dining place. Gakmok, it was placed props such as wooden chairs.

Large restaurant inside the refrigerator can also be produced. It will open to the public component.

Suzhou is also the model lid is opened so that can produce drinking scenes were made.

I get a secret door put away the part that is covered by the box (the box is invisible to the layer processing)

- secret room

Open the door hidden in the ground floor dining room you enter the lungs comes out of a secret stairway.

Chamber of Secrets was hidden looks go down the stairs.

On the operating table, they put the syringes and drugs. 

Crime movies, has properly placed the goods are mainly placed in the drama. 

It can be used in a variety of crime scene such as imprisonment, blackmail, kidnapping. 

There are two open and closed iron scepter.

- pawn

The desk lies a microscope, calculator, cache boxes.

Cash box with money to spare to detail has been made. Front and rear surfaces are displayed.

Lockers were also produced to be used inside it seems like a lot in other areas.

Inside itneyo containing secret documents envelope with money gold.

The chamber creates an image for size reference.


It consists of one underground floor, ground floor 4, the structure of the roof.

- Livingroom

- room

- kitchen

- restroom

- Veranda

The actual size See director for the cut.

Dynamic components entire set;

Shops and apartments is open all the parts. Apartment below also apply to the dynamic components

Group did not ring. Inside a capacity problem it has been added to the hallway and doors, staircases, windows only.

- internal processing screen

I made it turn pulls placed inside the layers separately.

So turn away thrashing release comes as the state turned off by default. If you are turning on the directing use when needed.

Even inside the mall consists of the same structure.

[Giveaways 1; 

[Giveaways 2

 There will be a full set of extras as free gifts.

Four men, women consists of a total of 48 people.

Available in the regular version and detailed version of two kinds, and consists of a SketchUp file and png file.

* All images are the default rendering images that are going through a correction below.


Publish Computers

Test PC 1 - CPU: i5 6600 / memory 16 group, GeForce gtx1060 8g

Test PC 2 - CPU: AMD FX 6100 / memory: 8GB, GeForce GTX660


All figures below are based on tests PC1.

PC2 is currently in the testing became older releases is almost the minimum specification computer.

In the shadow test pc2 loading and importing images and it confirmed that work without major problems. 


- Commercial File

Capacity: 94 MB,  loading: 16 seconds,  shadow Loading: 4 sec,  horizontal 4000px storage: 10 seconds

- Apartment files

Capacity: 110 MB,  loading: 18 seconds,  shadow loading: 9 second,  horizontal 4000px Storage: 16 seconds

- Street Files

Capacity: 115 MB,  loading: 18 seconds,  shadow loading: 17 sec,  horizontal 4000px Storage: 22 seconds

* Turn on all layers tested. 


- Every component of this model was personally created by the author.

- No external models or sources were used in the production of this model.

- All fonts used in the production of this model have been confirmed as free-license fonts that can

   be used for commercial purposes.

- The author is the sole owner of this model and retains all proprietary rights in and to this


- The purchaser of this model is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the model,

   which does not include ownership of the copyright.

- It is not permissible for the purchaser to transfer, distribute or sell this model, including any

   component or modified component of this model. Any such acts of infringement will result in

   legal  penalties for the infringer.

- This model follows the ‘one person one license’ principle which means the purchaser must be

   a single individual. It is permissible for the purchaser to use the model for an unlimited number

   of projects.

- It is permissible for the purchaser to use this model solely for his/her own personal projects.

   It is not permissible for the purchaser to use this model for other persons’ outsourced projects.

- Teams/companies interested in purchasing this model must comply with at least one of the

   following conditions:

        1. The model is purchased by every member in the team/company.

        2. The model is purchased in the name of the team/company and is used solely for one project.

              In this case, the purchaser must state the name of said project.

- It is permissible for the purchaser to alter and modify this model or combine it with other models

  solely for the purpose of use in personal projects. However, should the purchaser choose to

  combine the model with the work of other authors, the work combined must be license-free or

  paid for use by the purchaser. 

- The purchaser is required to state his/her Acon3D user ID on any project in which this model

   is used.