1) Project  Introduction

Hello. I'm Ggommari.


This project is [527 Winter Extras Package] .

As a collection of extras for the winter, I  tried to create extras for the winter-textured composition.

I paid attention to poses and descriptions for natural placement in various places  .

As I worked on this, it was time for me to study natural poses and styles.


There are four types of project structure and can be purchased as individual products.

1. High Angle Extras (>> buy)

2. Student Extras (>> buy) 

3. Everyday Extras (>> buy) 

4. Sitting extras (>> buy) 

2) Project  Content

The size averages over 800*1500px and the resolution is set to 300dpi.

There are four files to be sent: ClipStudio,  Photoshop, png, and individual files (clipstudio).

ClipStudio and Photoshop files consist of three layers: 1.line 2.contrast 3.color

Extra example picture.

[Everyday Extra]

[Sitting extras]

[High Angle Extras]

[Student Extras]

[Additional Variation Explanation & Example]

I gave a little deformation to make it be seen as another extra .

It was made by changing the pose or style little by little. For example, transforming from a walking pose to a standing pose, or in the case of a student, from sneakers to indoor shoes.

43 additional variations

-29 students

-10 daily 

-4 sitting

[Working environment]

AMD RYZEN 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor


Radeon RX570

Clip studio

[File size]

A. Winter High Angle Extra 103 (402MB)

B. Winter Student Extra 154 (547MB)

C. Winter 159 Extra Days (591MB)

D. Winter sitting extra 111 people (458MB) 

3) Copyright and Precautions

- Every component of this model was personally created by the author.

- No external models or sources were used in the production of this model.

- All fonts used in the production of this model have been confirmed as free-license fonts that

   can be used for commercial purposes.

- The author is the sole owner of this model and retains all proprietary rights in and to this


- The purchaser of this model is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the model,

   which does not include ownership of the copyright.

- It is not permissible for the purchaser to transfer, distribute or sell this model, including any

   component or modified component of this model. Any such acts of infringement will result in

   legal  penalties for the infringer.

- This model follows the ‘one person one license’ principle which means the purchaser must be

   a single individual. It is permissible for the purchaser to use the model for an unlimited    

   number of projects.

- It is permissible for the purchaser to use this model solely for his/her own personal projects.

- It is not permissible for the purchaser to use this model for other persons’ outsourced projects.

- Teams/companies interested in purchasing this model must comply with at least one of the

   following conditions:

        1. The model is purchased by every member in the team/company.

        2. The model is purchased in the name of the team/company and is used solely for one

                 project. In this case, the purchaser must state the name of said project.

- It is permissible for the purchaser to alter and modify this model or combine it with other

   models solely for the purpose of use in personal projects. However, should the purchaser

   choose to combine the model with the work of other authors, the work combined must be

   license-free or paid for use by the purchaser.  

- The purchaser is required to state his/her Acon3D user ID on any project in which this model

   is used.