1) Project Introduction


My name is EL_Tau.

The background I will introduce to you is [Bedroom - Medieval] .

The bedroom is one of the living spaces that are essential for our living. 

A large number of bedroom backgrounds have been coming out. But until now, bedroom backgrounds have often come up with the theme of 'home' rather than the bedroom alone, combined with other everyday living spaces such as living rooms and kitchens. It is true that the bedroom was rare. 

The project has been produced in five different concepts around the theme of bedrooms, which have appeared a lot in the past but have had a relatively low variety of designs.

This product is a part of [5 Bedroom Set].

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2) Project Content

01. The  Middle Ages

This bedroom can be used for medieval fantasy. The low stairs make it possible to travel between the large bedroom and the small library. 


[Floor plan]

[No Compensation]

[Hid line]

02. Convenient Functions

This background features the following convenience features:

[Lighting layer]

I've applied a layer option to make the lighting effect simple. 

[Hidden line layers (Landscaping / Glyphs, etc.)]

Some backgrounds have landscape plants or patterns that can show or hide their outlines.

[Dynamic components]

Among the objects in the background, objects such as doors, wardrobes, and curtains have dynamic components that can be operated by simple clicks.

[File size]

Medieval (47.2 MB)

[Production environment]

Intel I7 - 9750H 2.6GHz


Nvidia GrForce RTX 2060

Sketch Up 2019

3) Copyright and Precautions

- All external fonts, textures and images used in the production of this model have been

    confirmed as free-license material that can be used for commercial purposes.

- The author is the sole owner of this model and retains all proprietary rights in and to this


- The purchaser of this model is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the model,

   which does not include ownership of the copyright.

- It is not permissible for the purchaser to transfer, distribute or sell this model, including any

   component or modified component of this model. Any such acts of infringement will result in

   legal  penalties for the infringer.

- This model follows the ‘one person one license’ principle which means the purchaser must be

   a single individual. It is permissible for the purchaser to use the model for an unlimited

    number of projects.

- It is permissible for the purchaser to use this model solely for his/her own personal projects.

   It is not permissible for the purchaser to use this model for other persons’ outsourced projects.

- Teams/companies interested in purchasing this model must comply with at least one of the

   following conditions:

        1. The model is purchased by every member in the team/company.

        2. The model is purchased in the name of the team/company and is used solely for one

                  project. In this case, the purchaser must state the name of said project.

- It is permissible for the purchaser to alter and modify this model or combine it with other

   models solely for the purpose of use in personal projects. However, should the purchaser

   choose to do so, the work combined must be license-free or paid for use by the purchaser.  

- The purchaser is required to state his/her Acon3D user ID on any project in which this model

   is used.